Miniera di carbone open-pit

Unburnable Carbon – Lasciare i combustibili fossili nel sottosuolo

Per limitare il riscaldamento globale a +2°C entro fine secolo, dovremmo progressivamente convincerci ad abbandonare definitivamente le estrazioni di combustibili fossili, lasciando più di metà delle rimanenti riserve intatte e inutilizzate sotto terra. E diventerebbero dunque “unburnable carbon”

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Artificial magma for sealing offshore wells

Even long after an oil well has given up the ghost of productivity, it needs to remain sealed to prevent the leakage of hydrocarbons. As part of the plug and abandonment (P&A) phase, most wells are dealt with by inserting a plug comprised of cast iron and rubber inside the steel casing, before being sealed on top with a dollop of cement. In the event of a leak, the traditional remedy adopted by the industry is the “perf and squeeze” method, in which the casing is punctured from within and cement squeezed through the holes to reinforce the seal. Yet, it’s a not a conclusive fix, and often needs to be repeated over the course of a well’s life in abandonment.

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