Hoover Dam

Hydropower and Climate Change

We will talk about the potential impact of the rising temperatures on the producibility and programmability of hydropower technologies with Dr. Alessandro Amaranto, Energy Research Scientist at RSE (the Research institute on the Italian Energy Systems). Dr. Amaranto will present an analysis method based on neural networks that link historical meteorological data with the main climate models proposed by the IPCC

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Pumped Hydropower Energy Storage

Pumped hydropower storage (PHES) is currently the most effective and widespread solution for energy storage, accounting for more than 95% of the world’s capacity. However, PHES is still not sufficient to fully enable storing renewable energy at times of overproduction.
Dr. Alterach, Expert Engineer from the Sustainable Development and Energy Sources Department of RSE S.p.A. (Research on the Energy System), will give an overview and the future outlook

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