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Our site is built through the WordPress Content Management System (CSM). Our is:

Q: What are cookies?

A: Whenever you visit a web page, your browser communicates with the server through short strings of text called “cookies”, which are saved locally on the user’s computer.

There are different types of cookies: technical c. (which are used for the basic functioning of a website), analytical c. (which collect statistics about the usage of the website), third party c. (which are set by contents from external sources), profiling c. (which collect information for commercial purposes), etc. To find out more:

Q: What kind of cookies do you use on your website?

A: When you visit our site, technical cookies are automatically generated. These are absolutely anonymous data, transmitted to the server on an encrypted channel via the HTTPS protocol, and are eliminated at the end of the session.

Q: Do you collect profiling cookies?

A: No, we’re a non-profit organization and we don’t host advertising on our website. So we do not need marketing cookies.

Q: What explicit data do you collect?

A: No personal information is required to view our website! Registrations and comments are actually disabled.

Q: What data do collect through cookies?

A: WordPress generates cookies only for registered users (in order to save the access settings and other technical information). In our case, registrations and comments are disabled, so no data is collected. To learn more about how WordPress manages cookies: | Cookies.

Q: Which metrics do you monitor?

A: We do not collect personal information for analytical or advertising purposes. To find out more about what web analytics are and what they are for: Web Analytics Basics?

Q: How does embedded content behave?

A: The articles on this site may include embedded content from external sources (e.g. posts and photos from Instagram and Facebook, or PayPal donation buttons).

This kind of content behave according to the rules of their original source: they can collect data, set cookies, integrate third-party tracking, and monitor the interaction with their contents (e.g. if you like a Facebook post embedded in one of our articles).

This information is not disclosed to us, but could be shared with other providers – if so stated by the policies of each site. Check the privacy rules of Facebook, Instagram and PayPal.

Further information

Learn more about the Cookie Law: | Cookies.