Planet Book cover

Planet Book

😍 Here we go! 🌱 Planet Book 🌱 was released today, a book bearing also our “LEDS” signature! (and we are particularly proud of it) It’s an ambitious work, designed to explain #sustainability and #environment issues through the powerful images of famous photographers and the words of 40 young authors from the University of Padova. […]

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Madagascar - A man carves a cistern into a baobab - Pascal Maitre

Baobab, Tree Of Life

Did you know? 🕵️‍♀️ In #Madagascar, #Mahafaly people have learned how to dig large water 💧 tanks for rain collection out of the immense #baobab trees that dot the arid plains in the southern end of the island. These cisterns are the most precious asset and are treated with great care. The large secular trees 🌳 continue to […]

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Life Cycle Thinking for sustainable waste management

Il seminario ha come oggetto il Life Cycle Thinking e l’analisi del ciclo di vita (LCA – Life Cycle Assessment) applicati alla gestione dei rifiuti. Dopo una breve introduzione teorica alla metodologia LCA, la presentazione si focalizzerà su come essa possa essere applicata al servizio di gestione dei rifiuti. Verranno quindi presentati dei casi studio, relativi all’applicazione dell’LCA a singoli impianti e a interi sistemi di gestione integrata, che permetteranno di capire come l’analisi LCA può contribuire a rendere più efficiente e sostenibile la gestione dei rifiuti.

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