Dr. Mirco Rampazzo

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  • Control and Optimisation of HVAC&R Systems
  • Fault Detection and Diagnosis in HVAC&R Systems
  • Acausal Object-Oriented Modelling of HVAC&R Systems
  • Modelling and Control of Gas Equipments

Per questa tesi non sono richieste particolari conoscenze di programmazione e di controlli automatici. Sono invece richieste le conoscenze tipiche dell’ingegnere industriale nei bilanci termici ed energetici.
Può essare un’ottima occasione per ampliare le proprie conoscenze informatiche e di programmazione.

Modelling Energy Forward Curves Based on a Mechanical Analogy

Master’s Degree Thesis

  • Topic: this project is at intersection of various engineering and financial topics. Il applies computational methods (such as finite element analysis) and statistical/engineering pattern recognition methods to forecast commodity prices
  • Physical Intuition: the dynamic behaviour of a commodity forward price curve can be modeled as a discrete (mechanically speaking, it’s a beam) mechanical structure with an elastic (mean-reverting behaviour.
  • Recipients: this topic is suited for detailed oriented students who are passionate about applying and developing known or nex numerical techniques out of their comfort zone.
  • Scientific Computing Software: MATLAB.

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