First Mission In Guinea-Bissau

LEDS Guinea Bissau

😍 Here’s a few pictures of our first #mission in Guinea-Bissau for our project LEDS for Africa.

💁‍♂️ Our teammates Alberto and Francesco met the people of Ponta Cabral, a small #village in the Biombo region  and built a small Solar Home System (SHS) on the rooftop of the local #school.

☀️ By the end of the #project, every and each household will gain access to electric lighting thanks to #solarenergy!

🙏 We wish to thank Father Micheal, who welcomed us in his mission in Quinhamel, and, most of all, we thank all of you who supported us through your donation – especially the Animatrimoni choir, the kids from San Gaetano parish (Thiene) and finally Agostino Zen of Elettrozen s.r.l.

Primo sopralluogo a Ponta Cabral, villaggio rurale della Guinea Bissau

Publiée par LEDS for Africa sur Mercredi 5 février 2020