Planet Book

Planet Book cover

😍 Here we go! 🌱 Planet Book 🌱 was released today, a book bearing also our “LEDS” signature! (and we are particularly proud of it)

It’s an ambitious work, designed to explain #sustainability and #environment issues through the powerful images of famous photographers and the words of 40 young authors from the University of Padova.

Planet Book is above all a collaborative #project promoted from below: born within our very University of an idea by prof. Telmo Pievani, this book can boast the contribution of many students, alumni and doctoral students – as well as the fundamental contribution of the associations SustainABILITY, SISM Padova and LEDS – L’Energia Degli Studenti.

Working on this book required a great commitment, but it’s also been a stimulating #challenge. Collaborating with other students allowed us to analyze critically the most pressing environmental issues that affect the #future of our #planet.

We therefore want to thank: prof. Telmo Pievani for involving us in this project; Andra Meneganzin for the huge coordination effort and support; the associations SustainABILITY and SISM Padova for the great contribution; and finally, the publisher Roberto Koch and Contrasto Books for making all of this possible.

“If wise and peaceful aliens were to visit us one day, the first thing they would ask us about is how we have taken care of our planet.” (Telmo Pievani) ⁣⁣
📚 From today in bookstores: ⁣⁣⁣⁣

“Our world, the climate emergency, the solutions: 200 photographs commented by 40 young people committed to change the future”

– – –

This product was printed with particular attention to its environmental #impact. In fact, the volume does not use any plastics, but only FSC-certified Arctic Paper, Huber Group #eco-compatible inks without cobalt or mineral oils, and glues from natural sources.

You can buy this #book online and in bookstores. It will also be available soon in #ebook format, translated into 5 languages.