In 2017 141,000 hectares of forest lost due to fires

Burning forest in Klamath National Forest, Yreka, USA. By Matt Howard

Published by Coldiretti on 21 marzo 2018

In the last 10 years a real hell has been unleashed in Italy: fires have destroyed 684 thousand hectares of trees, putting at risk whole ecosystems and threatening pastures and agricultural activities. This is what emerges from a Coldiretti elaboration, on the occasion of the Forest Day, based on Effis data for the fires that hit the Italian forests since 2008.

An area as big as 5 times that of Rome, 38 times the city of Milan, 58 times that of Naples or 67 times the surface of Florence, went up in smoke – Coldiretti says. The peak was recorded in 2017, with 141 thousand hectares on fire: the worst season of the decade, since the forests affected tripled, compared to the previous year. The fires – Coldiretti explains – have caused enormous wounds to the environment and they will need at least 15 years to heal. In the last 20 years we lost half of the agricultural activities in the mountains, which has led to the development of an uncontrolled jungle, where pyromaniacs are free to act.

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