Stories from Guinea-Bissau

Giovanni Piccolo Guinea Bissau

Stories from Guinea-Bissau 🌿🌾🌺

As we’re still waiting the end of this #lockdown to resume our activities for our project #LEDSforAfrica, we gladly share these #words and #images by Giovanni Piccolo, italian photographer and volunteer, who made a reportage about the people of Blom city, in Guinea-Bissau:

❝ As I was stuck in the back seat, with the #backpack on my legs, I had a great desire to know and see what the piece of world I was in looked like. ❞
❝ Air came in through the wide open windows, carrying the smell of both vegetation and smoke. The latter probably came from the fires of the neighboring #villages, which however I could not see. ❞

Paolo con la moglie Artemisia ed i loro figli - Giovanni Piccolo (2019)

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